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Adrian Amory
I first came to Vic Fit because my girlfriend Poppy had just begun as one of the trainers there. I thought that maybe I'd be a good boyfriend and join up (I'm probably going to get into trouble fo..
Claire Hibbert
Before I started training with Poppy I had been training at the gym for many years doing classes and personal training, but I had lost motivation and direction. I was turning up to the gym because..
Courtney Morris
When did you start training with Vicki? I started training with Vicki in April 2014 when she was still a trainer at Goodlife. How did you find the move to Vic F..
Felicity Morrison
I started training with Vicki at the end of May 2013. Having never walked into a gym before in my life, my little brother signed me up for a membership appointment to give me the 'push' I nee..
Gina Hughan
Congratulation Gina on being so successful during the Vic Fit 12 week Challenge! Why did you decide to do our challenge? I wasn't sure about doing the challenge. 12 weeks of commitment to..
Jackie Dee
I’m 31 years old & for my whole life I’ve been a yoyo with my weight. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome so most of my weight is stored around my abdomen. At school I was bullied f..
Jennifer Borrow
My entire life I have been thin, too thin, and as it turned out this was because I was fighting infection after infection with my teeth so I was unable to put on weight in order to be healthy. Onc..
Kara Blakemore
10 months ago I decided it was time to do something about my weight. I had low confidence when it came to my weight and wasn't happy with the way I looked in any of my clothing. When I starte..
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